We use the best avaliable tools to create top of the art enterprise sofware apps
ML / Process Automation
Building end to end solution for RPA technology and predictive analysis using data profiling.
Cloud Deployment
We support on-premise hosting, as well as any other common cloud environment (AWS, Oracle Cloud etc.)
Oracle Database
Oracle Database is a multi-model database management system produced by Oracle Corporation.
Unique Design
Each product we build is unique in design because different problems require different set of solutions.
Our Principles
Our mission is to build the right products, not just to build the products right
  • Know product's value proposition
  • Learn from customers
  • Optimize but do not compromize
  • Offer great support all the way
Our Products
We are building and delivering exceptionally rich applications
Welcome to a new E.R.A.
It takes a while to build a proper enterprise application. Our experience so far shows that every problem we were solving with one of our products revealed many more hidden ones we also had to deal with during the R&D phase. It really does take a while to research and develop a fully sustainable enterprise application. Especially since we wanted each product to become the best of its kind.

In the span of 10 years we have built three major products: Linxpot, Grepless and Vessel Managemet System (VMS). All three of them cover very different business scope, but all of them tend to fully support their users by utilizing a ton of different features needed in ones daily activity. To find out more about each of the products check following links below:
Quick Facts About Us
A lot of proper work brings a lot of proper results
International awards
16 Years
of focused team work
Daily Grepless visitors
Lines of code generated
Our Team
Meet the people behind the products
Here are some thoughts shared by our users
Check out our different locations
Zero Worx, Inc.

558 Rose Ave, Unit 1
Venice CA 90291
Zero Worx Inc.

44 Duffy Pl
St. John’s NL A1CB 4M7
Croatia - R&D
Nula Produkcija d.o.o.

Vrhovec 225
10000 Zagreb

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